I'll never forget this moment.

' the end you'll cry because of you can't hadle your angryness.'

Nah, come on guys, this is not as dramatic as the previous words.

That's what i felt one year ago, i think. 
I call it my worst day in my life. I don't exaggerate it at all, the point is that was my worst day ever during my life. That day, I had to go to Gan*esha Operat*ion after school.
And after I study, as always I waited for my brother to pick me up at GO. It's about 6 pm. After 30 minutes my bro didn't come. I started to call him, but he didn't hang it. I called my mom to pick me up, but she said that she and my dad is at Tasikmalaya. So i was forced to wait my bro although I had waited him for one hour long.

I called my bro again but my bro didn't hang it, again. I already called him about thousand times but he kept didn't answer me. I wanted to get angry, but I holded it. It felt like there's something stuck in your throat. In m…

A Busy Week

English Assignment : Dialogue

During rest time, Kayla and Adila eat together at the canteen. They're too focus at munching their foods. But after a while, they start to have a small talk between them.

Kayla : "It's been a though week, hasn't it?" Adila : "What an exhausting week!" Kayla : "3 Senior High School is not kidding about homework. I couldn't manage to get enough rest in my two weeks of 10th grade" Adila : "Neither could I. Our senior said that the rest of the year is gonna be even tiring." Kayla : "However we have to get good scores to pass our classes. Or else we will to take Summer Class. I'm not going to let school to take half of my vacation and drawing time." Adila : "I afraid that I'll be given a summer class. Talking about vacation, where would you wanna go? Tokyo? London? Or even Mars?" Kayla : "Dude, I'm too lazy to even go to minimarket. Moreover to another city. I'm goi…

It's Me

My life is not interesting, but my English teacher told me to tell about myself. So actually i was forced. To do this thing. This stuff. Yea. Forced.

I was born on September, 23rd 2002. Now, I'm 14 years old. People usually call me Adila, or whatever if you have the other nickname for me. I have a various hobby that I can't decide what I'm dominant to. For now, I study at 3 Senior Highschool that need sacrifice to get in. About my future, Im not really sure about, I was just thinking about becoming an architect. But, at least I have to be a usefull person for the future.

As you know, I study at 3 SHS. I struggled to get into this school. I had to study harder, got thrown by a pillow by my mom when i didn't do exercise from SPM book, etc. I know that's sucks but if you do that, you will get satisfied with your result. So my sacrifice is not useless, right?

I used to study in SDPN Pajagalan 58 , 34 Junior Highschool. I know lots of you don't know where is it. And if…